Had Enough? is a three volume set that exposes the often hidden world of emotional abuse and domestic violence as it exists in our society today;  from it’s inception in a relationship, to it’s eventual depression, or even destruction, of it’s victim.  First person narratives describe actual abusive situations with chilling clarity, demonstrating the entire spectrum of abuse, from verbal, to emotional, to physical.

The series provides effective methods for one in an unhealthy relationship to honestly assess their situation, formulate an effective plan to extract themselves from it, and to start a new life in a manner that will bring happiness . . . and ensure that abuse does not creep in again.

“This dynamic must read series of books provides informative and insightful information from a writer who knows from personal experience the cycle of abuse and the steps to recovery. I would strongly recommend these books not only as a resource, but also as a learning tool.”

Hermia Parks, MA, RN, PHN
Director of Public Nursing
State of California

“I was bawling from the very first chapter. I understand now what my daughter’s going through, and why she can’t get away from it. With this knowledge I am empowered — I can help her.”

- A Concerned Mother

“The books are very emotional reading, I didn’t think that anyone knew the way it really was for me, and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to escape it. Now I feel stronger than ever though; and I know I WILL make it.”

- A Grateful Reader

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